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DVRFlash v2.7.5

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This software is not endorsed by Pioneer, Microsoft, Apple or any
other distributor of Pioneer equipment. All risk involved in the use
of this software is left entirely with the user. Please read
instructions carefully.

General Notes:
This utility will allow you to flash a Pioneer DVR drive (or
compatible) with a relevant firmware, and to escape the various
restrictions set by Pioneer with their UPGDVD flashing tools.

The following versions of DVRFlash are available:

Linux/x86 version
Mac OS X version (Universal Binary for PPC & Intel)
Windows, *ALL* versions (Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista)

The basic usage of DVRFlash is:

DVRFlash [flags] [device] [firmware file(s)]

Please make sure that the firmware files are in the
current directory or use the proper path to the files.
Please reference the specific ReadMe file included with
each version for platform specific instructions.

Technical information:
DVRFlash is based on fPLScsi which is a forked
version of Pat LaVarre's excellent PLScsi. For more
information on how device usage, have a look at the
PLScsi documentation

Source code:
The source code of DVRFlash (up to version 2.2)
has now been published on GitHub.

Changes in v2.7.5

New features:
- DVR-KD08 support
- DVR-TD08 support

Updated release package, now including DOS,Win32,Linux,Mac binaries.

Changes in v2.7.3

Bug fix:
- fixed DVR-117F/217F support

Current release has Win32 binaries only.

Changes in v2.7.2

New features:
- DVR-117 support
- DVR-217 support

Win32 binaries only.

Changes in v2.6.0

Adding current drives release

New features:
- DVR-116 support
- DVR-216 support

Changes in v2.5.1

Bugfix release

New features:
- prevented to flash wrong interface type firmware (PATA/SATA mismatch)
- added -l option to list non Pioneer drives

- Fixed MAC drive detection problem occuring when several drives are connected
- Fixed MAC problem with 'a:' style drive access
- Added readme files from v2.2 release

Known problems:
- DOS version not tested yet

Changes in v2.5

Adding current drives release

New features:
- DVR-111 support
- DVR-112 support
- DVR-115 support
- DVR-212 support
- DVR-215 support
- Additional check sum test

- Major internal cleanup

Known problems:
- DOS version not tested yet
- Linux version not used for flashing yet, drive detection works fine
- MAC version seems to have drive detection problems if several
internal and external drives are connected.
v2.2 and probably all previous releases have the same problem

DVRFlash v2.7.5
(All Platforms)

Old version downloads

DVRFlash v2.7.3 Win32

DVRFlash v2.7.2 Win32

DVRFlash v2.6.0 All Platforms

DVRFlash v2.5.1 All Platforms

DVRFlash v2.5 All Platforms

DVRFlash v2.2 All Platforms

Thanks to Las Vegas, for maintaining and hosting the DVRFlash v2.x originally